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The Eames Chair is one of the most iconic and timeless pieces of furniture ever designed. Devised in the 1940s by American designers Charles and Ray Eames, it encapsulates the duo's philosophy on modern design and is still manufactured today by their original supplier, Herman Miller.

The first Eames Chair design was created in 1948 and was simply known as the Eames Lounge Chair. This classic chair was an immediate success and its beauty and comfort meant it quickly became a design classic.

Since then, Herman Miller has developed a wide range of Eames Chair designs, with most styles reflecting the simplicity and functionality that the Eames' style is known for. Whether it's the classic Eames Plastic Armchair, the vintage Eames Lounge Chair or the more contemporary Eames Aluminum Chair, the simple lines and faultless finish will always remain the same.

What sets the Eames Chair apart from other chairs is the attention to detail, comfort and sophistication that has been built into the design. Each chair is carefully constructed by skilled craftsmen, paying attention to every stitch and curve. The use of premium materials, such as luxurious leather, walnut veneer and smooth anodized aluminium further adds to its beauty and desirability.

Herman Miller is still the only authorised supplier of the authentic Eames Chair, so you can be sure that when you purchase an Eames Chair from them you are getting a genuine product. Each piece is handcrafted to exacting standards in the Michigan-based factory, ensuring a level of quality and excellence that has made the Eames Chair a design classic.

The fact that the Eames Chair is still highly sought after today demonstrates just how timeless the design is. Its modern, clean lines are perfect for almost every style of home and their supreme comfort will guarantee a relaxed evening in front of the TV. As a statement piece of furniture that oozes elegance, sophistication and style, the Eames Chair will look fantastic in any home.

The classic Eames Lounge Chair is available in several different colours, while the updated Eames Aluminum group of chairs can be purchased with many different upholstery options. This helps to ensure that everyone can find the perfect Eames Chair to complement their existing home décor.

The Eames Chair is an iconic piece of furniture that exudes sophistication and elegance. Created by Charles and Ray Eames and manufactured in the US by Herman Miller, it's a timeless design that can't be beaten for comfort, style and quality. From the classic Eames Lounge to the contemporary Eames Aluminum Chair, you can be sure of the perfect piece to complete your home and ensure years of relaxation and enjoyment.



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