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Conference chair

Light and reinforced structure;
Backrest in black mesh fabric;
Upholstered seat covered in mesh fabric;
Height adjustment by gas system;
Fixed base.


The product structure belongs to the line of removable cushions. The sturdy black PP plastic backrest frame is combined with a stretch mesh fabric cover when sitting with high elasticity, effectively reducing heat accumulation and not harmful to health.

Low backrest, designed with a curving curve in the direction of the spine leaning slightly back, hugging the back of the person sitting, while helping to avoid bone and joint diseases, creating the most comfortable feeling when sitting in a meeting.

The special textured seat cushion with the waterfall-shaped curved edge of the seat has the effect of evenly distributing the pressure on the body and reducing the pressure below the knees, limiting numbness in the legs when sitting for a long time.

The seat cushion uses molded plywood + foam cotton mousse and the surface is covered with durable hollow mesh fabric with meshes that have the advantage of smoothness, good heat dissipation, providing ventilation for the back all day long. .

The fixed armrest is pressed from very solid primary PP beads and is designed in the form of a frameless ring with a backrest to create safety for the arm as well as the elbow when in relaxation mode.

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Minimum Quantity:100 pieces

Price:According to your order quantity and request


Sample Policy:Three Times Unit Price and return to you when the bulk order