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Executive chair


The steel of its structure makes it a sturdy chair, while the foam in its padding and the synthetic leather with which it is padded form the ideal couple for our rest and well-being. In addition, as if that were not enough, the armrests are also padded, another quality element that not all chairs have! Available in different colors, This Nordic-style office chair is suitable for any type of environment, whether at work or at home. Its finishes are meticulous in every detail, and its imperial aspect means that it denotes a certain status at work. In turn, having it at home, in addition to all that has already been mentioned, is a joy. Choose the color you prefer and treat yourself, because the Staft chair is undoubtedly the chair you deserve.

Business Type:B2B

Minimum Quantity:100 pieces

Price:According to your order quantity and request


Sample Policy:Three Times Unit Price and return to you when the bulk order